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From our clients

Having suffered for a long time and living so close to the clinic I wish I had popped in years ago! Liz is a chiropractic magician and Nina's massages remove the weight of the world from your shoulders. I can't thank you enough Liz, Nina and the rest of the team for fixing me. It's never a dull moment 😄 xx

- Nikki Daly

Felt way better after just the first appointment! Definitely recommend to anyone

- Alex Thorne

Have been attending the clinic for many years due to an injury when I was in my teens, the ladies in reception are very professional and friendly and my treatments always leave me feeling more comfortable- eventually!

- Jonathan Oliver

Great service and availability. Sorted me neck out so I can now sleep in peace

- Russell Davey

Liz makes each visit a pleasant experience and is very good at finding and curing any problems I may have. She also helped my late wife with her severe pain when the hospital failed.

- Jim Borthwick

Simply the best, ( song there somewhere) ....Liz, from day one you worked wonders on my poor old engineers back and hips, oh, and knees.....enabling me to continue to realise my life’s dreams working on Steam engines and all that goes with them....... I’ve emigrated south now ....lol..... Isle of Wight , and stopped for a while, but may get back into the steam scene next year. Still feeling good, badminton keeps me mobile now. Liz, and team, thanks a million, I will pop in to see you all next year. Best Wishes John Blair. xxx

- John Blair

Great clinic. Very capable staff. Gave me excellent "at home" exercises and her in practice regimes always improves my back pain. This is an super way to go and get an improvement in your pain and movement.

- Kevin Pickin